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Laboratoires VIVACY introduces I. SPACE®: a new generation of viscoelastic intraocular hyaluronic acid based gel with the natural antioxidant mannitol specifically designed for anterior segment surgery, protection of the corneal endothelium and maintenance of the intraocular space.

This advanced Antioxidant Formula maintains a perfect balance between cohesive and dispersive properties of the gel, thus ensuring successful surgical outcomes for both the surgeon and the patient:

I.SPACE® is an exclusive composition of pure high molecular weight (2,2Mda) hyaluronate sodium (15,5mg/g) with mannitol.


Ensures the stability of the protective properties of I.SPACE® on the corneal endothelium throughout the surgery in the presence of oxidative stress induced by free radicals.


Maintains the rheological properties of HA much more stable.


  • High viscosity enables an effective maintenance of the intraocular space and a deep anterior chamber.
  • Excellent cohesiveness allows the material to be easily removed from the eye at the end of the surgical procedure, thus preventing increase of intraocular pressure (IOP) post op.


  • Sterile
  • Endotoxin-free
  • Transparent
  • Isoosmolar
  • Viscoadaptative
  • Biofermentative origin


  • Latex free type I glass syringe of pharmaceutical quality
  • Direct reading of the injected volume 1 ml
  • Fitted with cannula 27G 7/8 (0.40 x 22 mm) angles 35°
  • In a easy to open blister package which ensures sterility
  • Bar code traceability system identifying every syringe and its packaging
  • Store at temperatures between 2 and 25° C without any caution.
  • Expiry date: 3 years.

I.SPACE®, Medical Device – Class IIb – CE Marking No. 0344.

Injection is a medical procedure that requires experience and knowledge.

Consult your doctor (ophthalmic surgeon) and read carefully the leaflet supplied with each product.