Laboratories VIVACY is a French manufacturer specialising in the design, production and distribution of high quality injectable medical devices for use in the field of Anti-ageing, especially in Medical Aesthetics and Viscosupplementation.

Vivacy female model Founded in 2007 by specialists qualified in biopolymers and injectable product technologies with more than 25 years experience in the field, the company has acquired recognised expertise in dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid and natural antioxidants, mannitol and sorbitol. The company has also created new technologies for use in ophthalmology (I.SPACE®), rheumatology (KARTILAGE®), gynaecology (DESIRIAL®) and is currently developing in other medical viscosupplementation fields.

Thanks to its strong international distribution network, Laboratoires VIVACY is present on the medical aesthetics market in over 80 countries. Its main goal is to design and deliver innovative anti-ageing solutions in collaboration with physicians and biotechnology professionals worldwide.

Exchange of information, knowledge, experience and a strong team spirit are an integral part of the strategic management of the company, both regionally and internationally.


  • Foundation of Laboratoires VIVACY in the SAVOIE region of France (73): Research, manufacturing and commercialization of polysaccharide-based products.
  • IPN-Like patent filling.
  • CE marking of the STYLAGE® wrinkle-filling range
  • Opening of Sales & Marketing Office in Paris.
  • CE marking of STYLAGE® range with anaesthetic.
  • Launch of STYLAGE® HydroMAX for mesotherapy.
  • Production site accreditation for Canada and Taiwan.
  • Launch of I.SPACE® range for cataract surgery.
  • STYLAGE® product line extension with anaesthetic: STYLAGE® M and STYLAGE® Special Lips Lidocaine.
  • Distribution in France of CytoCare® products for bio-revitalization by Revitacare Laboratory.
  • Evolution of STYLAGE® range (packaging design, conditioning, syringe).
  • CE marking of KARTILAGE® range for the treatment of arthritis.
  • CE marking of products for gynecological applications: DESIRIAL®.
  • Launch of a new extra volumising product STYLAGE® XXL.
  • Opening of a new manufacturing site in Archamps (74), the Technopole in the Haute-Savoie region of France (near Annecy and Geneva).


As a medical device manufacturer, Laboratoires VIVACY is subject to a variety of regulations and standards for products and quality management systems to make sure continuous improvement is built into its processes and procedures. The company’s continuous improvement activities apply to all of its medical devices.

The quest for the highest quality begins with regular audits of suppliers, a rigorous selection of raw materials, the qualification of manufacturing process, control of work areas (ISO Class 7 Clean Room, ISO 5 flow), final analysis before release, and last but not least, the high level of staff training.

Laboratoires VIVACY fully controls every aspect of the production process to ensure that all gels are perfectly pure and homogenous. Specifically trained operators carefully and individually control each syringe before being packaged. All these safety measures and precautions are taken to provide a safe final product of high quality and high performance.

Driven by its growing success, Laboratories VIVACY has built a new high-tech 3,500 square meter manufacturing facility. Located in the beautiful and dynamic Haute-Savoie region (France) just 10 minutes from Geneva, the new factory has become a centre of advanced manufacturing technologies, innovation, research and product development in compliance with European and International standards and regulations.

factory vivacy archamps technopole
Laboratoires VIVACY
252, rue Douglas Engelbart
Archamps Technopole
74160 ARCHAMPS, France
TEL : +33 4 50 31 71 81
FAX : +33 4 50 31 71 91


To ensure that our clinical research is of the highest quality, the Laboratoires VIVACY’s R&D office consists of highly trained and well experienced scientific personnel of scientists, engineers, chemists, and pharmacists working in collaboration with medical specialists throughout the world. Each of them contributes to the research and development of next generation innovative solutions for the well-being of patients of all ages.

Each project, from the feasibility stage to its final qualification, takes into account the assessment of:

  • Benefits and risks.
  • Long-term patient safety.
  • Regulatory and normative compliance.


Product and customer safety is of paramount concern at Laboratoires VIVACY. Laboratoires VIVACY seek to produce the highest quality medical devices in a collaborative culture of innovation, testing and training. Production, quality control, quality assurance and regulatory teams work together to achieve this goal.

Laboratoires VIVACY has been using European Pharmacopoeia high purity medical injection grade hyaluronic acid obtained by biofermentation and of non-animal origin for the manufacture of all medical devices.

The organisation of the company is based on the application of specific references and regulations that guarantee the security, safety and efficacy of its product ranges, and the quality of its services (ISO 13485, Dir. 93/42 CEE).

Laboratoires VIVACY thoroughly designs, develops and tests all of its products for safety and effectiveness – to comply with its own internal quality standards as well as all relevant regulatory requirements in the countries where it conducts business.

Once a product is approved by a country's regulatory agency and is distributed, Laboratoires VIVACY continue to closely monitor its performance. Active device registries, third-party validations of the data, and patient safety monitoring boards help to make Laboratoires VIVACY’s post-market surveillance systems robust, consistent and transparent.

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